Is banner advertising still all it’s cracked up to be?

All of the clicks for online adverts are obtained from only 16% of Internet users. That means that, in terms of your digital marketing, if  you’re optimising your advert for this 16% of users this is a very small audience to capture. As customers become more digitally savvy (which is happening at the rate of knots) they are less persuaded to click on banner advertisements. 

As the stats suggest, across the digital board Internet users are simply not clicking on banner ads as much as they were a number of years ago. A little over five years ago, Nielsen reported – in its “Trust in Advertising” study – that digital marketing banner adverts are the least-trusted form of advertising among consumers. They even fall behind traditional such as those in the newspapers or magazines. This is owing to many reasons, such as:

  • A lack of credibility,
  • Banner adverts not meeting expectations,
  • Amateur ad design of banner advertisements, and
  • Plain old ‘banner blindness‘.

What is ‘banner blindness’?

‘Banner blindness’ is a term which is used in online advertising and digital marketing to describe the uselessness of banner advertisements owing to their oversaturation and lack of Intent-based messaging.

This type of blindness is an instance of selective attention. In other words, people focus their attention only on a subset of the stimuli in the environment which are usually those that are related to their goals. This behaviour is as a result of our limited attention spans. If we were to deal with the enormous inflow of sounds as well as  patterns which surround us, we would be overwhelmed as well as behave inefficiently.

The term “banner blindness” was developed in 1998 owing to website usability tests where the majority of the test subjects consciously or unconsciously disregarded information that was shown in banners. The information that was ignored included external advertisement banners in addition to internal navigational banners, which are often called “quick links”. 

It’s not just banners that are overlooked. Legitimates pieces of content marketing can also be ignored because they have certain ad-like characteristics. Here are some of the traits which signal an ad:

  • Ad-specific placement, such as the top of page or the right-hand skin on the website,
  • Ad-like visual treatment, such as animation, and
  • Proximity to actual ads or promotions.

Tips for improving your click-through rates on your banner ads

Think mobile–first 

The requirement to optimise your adverts across all channels has been spoken of many times before. By 2022, it’s forecast that mobile will account for 77.2% of all digital ad spend. Scaling your digital marketing campaigns from the smallest size to the biggest is crucial for a successful mobile-first strategy. 

Avoid banners which are standardised

A total of 40% of viewers will more probably engage with a display ad if they feel it to be relevant to them. Relevance can take many forms so by tailoring your advert to your consumers – with targeted messaging or taking advantage of external factors – you are more likely

Picking the Best Battery Operated Fans on Amazon

By following the below tips, choosing the Best battery operated fans on Amazon shouldn’t be that hard.


The fan is available in various dimensions to suit various needs. Some will be small, other mediums while others large. It’s crucial that you pick the ideal dimension. Too huge or too tiny and it will work not so well. During the buying process, you need to recognize the right size. You ought to understand what matches your requirements or situations well.  The biggest unit may be a bit of overkill for a small space while a small unit is ineffective for large space.


Like other individuals, you desire something that will certainly last for years. No person wishes to begin seeking substitute bemuses the current one broke down too soon. To stop this from taking place, you ought to opt for just the toughest and most durable items. They’ll be made from robust products and will have a solid design.


You do wish to really feel at ease when using the item. It should have a nice size that doesn’t take up lost of space. It will also be lightweight for easy handling. The design does play a role as well as the stability of the piece. You don’t want an item that shakes or vibrates too much. The edges and surface should be smooth to prevent abrasion or injuring the skin. It also shouldn’t encourage germ, dirt, and bacteria to hide in crevices.

Energy Efficiency

A good fan won’t use lots of energy or power. The best types offer high performance while keeping energy usage low. The credit goes to the superior technology and high-quality materials. It will run for long periods and won’t get too warm and the performance will remain consistent. In addition, it will also be super silent. This helps to enhance the surround and the ambiance.


Prior to investing in the fan, you should have some background information on the company. How long has it remained in the marketplace? What does the public say about the firm and their products just how are the rankings from the specialists? These concerns focus on validating the track record of the producer. A reliable business will certainly generally generate reliable items. A brand-new company will not have actually been evaluated and attempted. This suggests it’s most likely to supply much less dependable items in comparison to a skilled and reputable company.


The cost of the thing will affect your choice. If it’s within your spending plan you will not have a problem. However, if it’s too costly then you’ll need to look for a cheaper option. This doesn’t mean that it will offer subpar performance. Actually, you’ll be amazed by how many good products out there are pocket-friendly priced. It’s critical that you don’t overspend on an item. This may leave you feeling sorry nd regretting your poorly informed decision.  Reviews help to figure out the most affordable and reliable piece.

5 common mistakes at the interview

There are several mistakes that a person can do during an interview for a potential job. Even though you may know them all—be sure that you will always forget a few details. Surely, there are many instances that are to be considered. This article will provide information on which five most common mistakes are usually done during an interview.

You should remember that both, the interviewer and the interviewee, can have different personalities and requirements. It does matter whether you are an engineer or a medic graduate—you can be sure that you will make the same mistakes during an interview. Even though websites like will instruct you how to succeed during an interview, make sure you will do additional research. The five most common mistakes are listed below.

1.   Arriving too late to the scheduled interview

This one is indeed a common one because as you plan for an interview, you should always consider the worst that can happen during your journey to the site. It is indeed one of the worse first impression to be late.

Therefore, consider traffic jams, late buses or trains, or an occurrence like having to help an old lady cross the road. One of the most important suggestions to avoid being late would be to plan your journey in advance. Find the perfect route on the internet that will ensure a safe and without delays or possible cancellations. You could even go an extra mile and go to the place a day before the interview, but if you dedicate some time researching the route, it would suffice just fine.

2.   Arriving too early

Arriving too in advance could also make your future employer think negatively of you. Particularly, you will intimidate your future employer by arriving too early, as he or she will start thinking that you are too desperate for a job or you struggle to dedicate your time to your tasks appropriately. Thus, arrive 30 minutes earlier but not before, unless you want to make sure that you don’t arrive late, come to the nearest café or restaurant and wait for the appropriate time to show up.

3.   Focusing too much on themselves

This mistake is often overlooked especially by those who have a lot of confidence or who did not formulate the information in their curriculum vitae appropriately. Remember, employers, want to know only what is appropriate for the job. If you found a paid role outside of your field of expertise, try to state exactly why your skills are still relevant but do not bore the person in front of you with too much information about yourself. could help you identify what are the best topics you could talk about during the interview.

4.   Not having any questions

Another mistake you could make would be not to make enough research and never ask any questions about the company or the future perspectives in it. For example, questions like “What conferences can I attend?” or “What extra tasks can …


One of the most worrisome reasons for having taking painkillers is the fact that you may overdose on OxyContin, Vicodin or any other narcotic painkillers and grow one of several statistics, let alone the fact that you might end with a painkiller addiction. Latest statistics are telling us that substance abuse or prescription-drug abuse deaths are surpassing deaths from automobiles. You don’t want to become one of these or have permanent health conditions as you overdosed and after that survived with lifetime injuries or health conditions to handle, on top of everything else.

Buy Tramadol represents one of the better analgesic drug which treats moderate and chronic pain. How this drug works is still a mystery thing for the medical world, though the action with this medicine are incredibly comparable to morphine, whilst the secondary effects are many less harmful. Here we are gonna present you 10 reasons for tramadol, that you simply ought to know prior to taking it.

Drugs block unwanted sensation, unwanted emotion. This emotion is really created mental imaging in the mind along with the life-force that’s you. This emotion turns off throughout being drugged. But it starts again once the drug wears off. So really, using drugs to deal with unwanted emotions is not a workable philosophy. Plus, a compulsion sets in whereby you need more drugs to be able to eliminate the unwanted emotional sensations again. And a greater amount of drugs is essential whenever an individual takes them.

Opiates such as heroin are some of the most addictive – and a lot physically dangerous – substances currently abused. Even after an excellent detoxification, opiate addicts often experience intense cravings. To combat these cravings as well as their accompanying mental and physical problems, many doctors actually prescribe other opium derivatives. The most common of these pharmaceutical-grade opiates are methadone and Naltrexone.

Despite the severity of most prescription drug addiction problems, treatment solutions are easy to obtain and can be effective. Severe problems can be addressed within an inpatient treatment center, while docile problems or recent relapses may be treatable within an outpatient cure. While each may have varying degrees of treatment, both make use of individual and group therapies in a lifelong strategy of Relapse Prevention to deal with denial management and the treatments for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS.…

The Lifelong Journey: How To Prepare For Your Career Path

A career is one’s lifelong journey through learning and work – preparing and culminating experience and knowledge in order to mold one’s life according to goals. This concept can be intimidating to most, especially when you leave school with no clear idea of what you would like your career to look like. The pressures from society, your family, or yourself to be a certain someone can be overwhelming and confusing, making you feel like you are drowning in a sea of anxiety. However, with the right guidance, you can breathe a much-needed breath of relief as you confidently swim towards the shores of your goals.

Before we get into the various ways in which you can do that, it’s important to remember about the important role your health plays in this journey. Giving you the energy you need to do your best and ensuring you don’t miss any important events because you were sick; your body is the vehicle that will take you from achievement to achievement. You must ensure to keep it fueled with the proper nutrients it needs. If you feel like you are lacking in certain supplements, check out Consumer Advisors for comprehensive product reviews and health-related articles to help navigate your purchase.

Now, buckle up as we go through the various ways you can prepare for the life-long journey that is your career!

Determine Your Goals & Passions

Just as you would plan a road trip, the goals are the various experiences you aim to have along your life’s journey. Your career is not a destination, but a series of ‘stops’ and adventures that contribute the entirety of the journey.

Before you can set your goals; you need to know yourself, your strengths, passions, and desires that you want out of life. Self-reflection is vital at this point, allowing you to be honest with who you are and what you feel will make you happy. By looking at your resources and opportunities, you are then tasked with making a few choices as well as a few backup plans. We all want to experience a 5-star hotel but if that isn’t viable, we can opt for a hostel which may be cheaper to stay at but offer a more enriched experience. The same can be said for your life experience; don’t feel despondent if you never went to university because the experience you may have gained from the extra years of working is valuable.

Your goals set the general direction but you must be sure to leave a little room to explore each destination. By giving yourself the freedom to be curious and courageous enough to go off the beaten track; you may end up finding something you never knew you wanted.

Career plans are great tools to help you make your goals and passions actionable. They come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to check out a bunch of examples like this one, this one, or this one.

Reflect On Rational

Ways to Upgrade your Essay Writing Skills

It is not surprising for students encounter papers daily in their academic careers regardless of their areas of specialty, be it science, literature or physics. Essay writing is a common requirement for students in high school, but it becomes more complex and advanced as you progress through your education. Writing a good essay is one thing, but writing a great essay requires in-depth thinking and evaluation. It may sound scary especially for those who struggle with their writing. The good news however is that the specific skills you need to elevate your essay writing skills are things you can learn, practice and improve on. As they say, “Practice makes perfect.”
Here are a few tips to help upgrade the quality of your papers daily.

1. Proper Organizing and Planning

The outcome of your essay depends greatly on how you organize and plan yourself. This involves first contemplating how you want to do it, the resources you need and organizing a timeline for your essay. The single most crucial step to writing a great essay is proper planning, which sadly most students often rush or neglect. If your essays often get critiqued for having inexact line of argument or for having poor arrangement, you probably need to practice on proper planning.
Planning is not easy and it usually consumes a lot of time depending on the length of your essay. However, the upside to this is once you are done planning, the writing process is often short and simple.

2. Actual Writing

The actual writing bit is where most students perplexed. It is perhaps the most stressful and daunting bit of the papers daily writing process. Here are some key areas you need to focus on to avoid the common writing issues you may encounter.

Getting started

It is quite common to want the first line of your essay to be captivating to spur your readers further in to your essay. However, this move can also be deadening. The key to starting is just to write something down. Don’t think of how good or bad it is, you can always come afterwards and change it after you’ve gotten your flow.

Desist from repetition

Although it may seem daunting when writing lengthy essays on one character or idea, avoid repetition as much as you can since it may come across as laziness. Instead of using repetitive phrases, you can include quotes, or even substitute pronouns for individual names.

Writers block

When writing, you may get to a point where you feel you’ve run out of ideas. The solution is going back to your plan and revises the subject matter to your essay. Alternatively, you can write down what you want to say in the simplest way possible and progress to a simpler section of the essay. Sometimes taking a tea break or stroll in the park might help bring back your idea-flow.

3. Style

Every individual has their own unique writing style. Regardless of your writing style, it is crucial that …

What ‘YES’ Is And How It Fits Into B-BBEE

Until now, most companies’ focus in terms of what B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) actually is was the matter of black ownership and management. Black Economic empowerment (BEE), even being broad-based, has still remained largely focused on management as opposed to overall employment. However, recently proposed amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice such as ‘YES’ have been published with a view towards skills development for the youth and an increased focus on job placement and job readiness through training and development.

What is ‘YES’?


‘YES’ stands for Youth Employment Service, and this is an initiative that aims to improve B-BBEE levels through encouraging businesses to aid in providing employment opportunities for South African youth. Specifically, this encouragement is to be provided by improving companies’ B-BBEE scorecard levels if they meet certain targets around work experience and employment absorption/integration.

One way in which this is initiative is foreseen to take place is through the creation of new starter positions in the form of traineeships orinternships. In this way the youth are given the opportunity to gain real workplace experience and skills, thereafter also having the opportunity to be integrated into the workforce permanently as trained employees.

Is black ownership still important?

Black ownership and management as a means of economic empowerment is indeed still an important part of what B-BBEE is. To this end the amendments intend to provide black-owned businesses with generic Automatic Recognition Levels (ARLs). According to these ARLs a generic business entity with 100% black-ownership or one with 51% black ownership will be recognised as B-BBEE Level 1 and B-BBEE Level 2, respectively.

An article published by SERR Synergy explains these factors in greater detail. As experts in the field of legal compliance and explaining the B-BBEE scorecard and its levels, they are the ideal source to contact for information and assistance with your business’ needs regarding ‘YES’ and the amendments that came with it.

The Importance of Knowing Essay’s Main Characteristics

To write an essay, it is important to know first its main characteristics. It is a type of personal work, in which the voice of the author prevails before a formal structure of writing. In this article, you are offered a series of steps on how to write essay about a book.

First step: Read and reread the book

A thorough reading of the chosen book is the first step. If, for example, it is a question of writing an essay about a novel, the reader must be sure to have understood the whole plot, to have analyzed the characteristics of the characters, as well as to have grasped what the author wanted to convey with the story of his work.

Step two: Choose a theme

A book can address a large number of topics. The essay can’t be extremely extensive and confusing and address several topics at once. This would only result in unclear writing for the reader. Therefore, it is necessary to delimit the essay or, to make a global and integral approach of the work that does not mix too many ideas.

Third step: The structure of the essay

Although every essay has a free style, making a kind of outline (part by part) can greatly help to understand the ideas or reasoning that will be broken down. For example, a book that talks about air pollution. The test can perform an analysis of this phenomenon, starting with detailing the concept of pollution and its characteristics and consequences in terms of air. Then the author decides how to structure his essay, can talk about other aspects, possible solutions to that phenomenon, among other points.

Fourth Step: The Arguments

The arguments constitute the axis of the work. It is here that the author exposes all his capacity for reasoning, in order to be able to reliably convey what he thinks or proposes in relation to the subject matter.

Some practical tips for writing the arguments:

Try to be original. The essay must always reflect a personal point of view, the author’s own voice. It is not just about explaining a particular topic. It seeks at the same time, to convince of the idea of ​​the author. But you can save more of your time by hiring an essay writing service like.

Coherence and structure. A well elaborated argument, it is coherent, it is easy to understand and above all, it is quite noticeable that the author has thought well the words that he has used and the way in which he presents them to his reader. For example, if we want to write an argument about the reasons why it is necessary to regulate the use of mobiles in schools, we should present the reader with concrete facts that are negative about this, and therefore, argue in favor of a regulation that is favorable to the development of classes, but at the same time, respecting the freedom of these people.

Fifth step: The conclusion

The last step is …

The Importance of Education in Africa

In the developed countries, no one doubts the necessity and significance of education. It serves as the essential part of the social life of every individual. Everyone agrees on its exceptional role in the self-development and self-improvement. Additionally, education is a key element which can guarantee good job and successful life. Therefore, it provides plenty of benefits and advantages.

Nevertheless, many developing and under-developed countries do not have many possibilities to provide their citizens with the education. This problem causes many inaccuracies and contradictions in the society. Furthermore, such situation considerably limits the citizens’ opportunities and perspectives. Thus, the lack of education in the developing countries is a big problem, which calls for the immediate and efficient solutions.
The Importance of Education Spreading in Africa

As it has already been mentioned, education provides individuals with many opportunities and possibilities. In Africa, education is the only way out of the great poverty. The majority of poor African children can get the better life only in case they gain the proper education. According to the recent statistics, most of African children exist on less than one EUR per day. Only those, who can read or write, are supposed to get paid jobs, in the future.

Obviously, such notorious conditions can do a little for the country’s development and prosperity. The spreading of education in Africa is important due to many factors and reasons. It is essential for both separate individuals and the whole country. Education is a driving force, which can overcome the poverty and provide new possibilities for the society.

To begin with, spreading of education in Africa is important since it increases the personal and collective consciousness. Education makes people aware of their actions and behavior. Moreover, it makes them feel responsible for their position in the society. In addition, education provides people with critical and analytical thinking, which helps to discuss various situations and respond to them in the most appropriate way.

In fact, from this point of view, education can increase significantly the collective consciousness in Africa. Only when people are aware of different political and economic issues, they can react to them respectively and try to improve their lives in various ways. In addition, people will learn to value their own lives and demand adequate conditions for living.

Secondly, education is significant from the economic point of view. Speaking about the higher education, it is good for increasing the economic, scientific and technological potential of the country. Moreover, possessing knowledge and skills in a certain field considerably increases the chances of getting the well-paid job. Respectively, the standards of living will grow as well as the economic prosperity of the whole country.

Actually, getting the education will provide African citizens with new opportunities and perspectives. With the help of gained knowledge and experience, they will be able to find a good job and prevent the spreading of poverty. In addition, many Africans can continue to improve their skills and study abroad.

Finally, education helps to improve the …

5 reasons why Government should make Gate exam compulsory for every Final year student in Engineering

The Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering, commonly referred to as the GATE examination serves as a common entrance for students with science or engineering backgrounds,to pursue their post-graduation ambitions. A qualifying result from this highly competitive examination is a marker that continues to add credibility to the career of every individual throughout their life.

The exam is usually held in the first week of February,and the applications open a year prior. Most interested candidates apply to take the GATE exam in the final year of their engineering course, preparing for the exam and their final semester simultaneously. This goes on to ensure that between the completion of the Bachelor’s degree and the beginning of their Masters, there is no year loss to speak of. The GATE exam is collectively arranged by the Indian Institutes of Technology scattered throughout the country, and the Indian Institute of Science located in Bangalore. The bulk of the responsibility is taken up by one Institute each year. In 2018, for example, IIT Guwahati was responsible to successfully organize the exam,and in 2019, IIT Madras is all set to take up the mantle.

While qualifying GATE with good scores provides the eligibility to apply to the top colleges in the country, the GATE exam scores have far-reaching effects into a lot of other options, providing diverse routes that an individual’s career may take. From teaching jobs to recruitment in the Public Sector Unit, the GATE scores are important for any person with a science background.

Here are 5 reasons why the government should make the GATE exam mandatory for all students in the scientific field:

  1. Entrance for Masters

The GATE exam, among its many functions, primarily renders a candidate eligible to apply to the top colleges of the country for their ME, MS or M.Tech degrees. While a good GATE score allows an individual to take the entrance exam at the IITs, many colleges take in students directly through their all India ranks. State government run colleges are also known to give admission to students directly.

By making the GATE exam mandatory, there will be a common entrance and a common system as a basis to evaluate the quality of students passing out with an engineering degree. The competition on a nationwide level will motivate students to perform to the best of their abilities.

  1. Research Fellowships

Research is an important aspect inthe development of any country. The centrally run CSIR laboratories across the country provide the best research opportunities for those aspiring to make a career out of it. GATE scores are essential for admission into the Junior Research Fellowship and the Senior Research Fellowship programmes.

By making the exam compulsory, the competition will be hiked up a notch. This will enable the government to give out scholarships only to those who truly deserve it, and dole out stipends and salaries based on the kind of talent the individuals may possess and contribute to the research endeavor.

  1. Jobs in the Public Sector

Most of the government-run …