5 common mistakes at the interview

There are several mistakes that a person can do during an interview for a potential job. Even though you may know them all—be sure that you will always forget a few details. Surely, there are many instances that are to be considered. This article will provide information on which five most common mistakes are usually done during an interview.

You should remember that both, the interviewer and the interviewee, can have different personalities and requirements. It does matter whether you are an engineer or a medic graduate—you can be sure that you will make the same mistakes during an interview. Even though websites like jobsora.com will instruct you how to succeed during an interview, make sure you will do additional research. The five most common mistakes are listed below.

1.   Arriving too late to the scheduled interview

This one is indeed a common one because as you plan for an interview, you should always consider the worst that can happen during your journey to the site. It is indeed one of the worse first impression to be late.

Therefore, consider traffic jams, late buses or trains, or an occurrence like having to help an old lady cross the road. One of the most important suggestions to avoid being late would be to plan your journey in advance. Find the perfect route on the internet that will ensure a safe and without delays or possible cancellations. You could even go an extra mile and go to the place a day before the interview, but if you dedicate some time researching the route, it would suffice just fine.

2.   Arriving too early

Arriving too in advance could also make your future employer think negatively of you. Particularly, you will intimidate your future employer by arriving too early, as he or she will start thinking that you are too desperate for a job or you struggle to dedicate your time to your tasks appropriately. Thus, arrive 30 minutes earlier but not before, unless you want to make sure that you don’t arrive late, come to the nearest café or restaurant and wait for the appropriate time to show up.

3.   Focusing too much on themselves

This mistake is often overlooked especially by those who have a lot of confidence or who did not formulate the information in their curriculum vitae appropriately. Remember, employers, want to know only what is appropriate for the job. If you found a paid role outside of your field of expertise, try to state exactly why your skills are still relevant but do not bore the person in front of you with too much information about yourself. Jobsora.com could help you identify what are the best topics you could talk about during the interview.

4.   Not having any questions

Another mistake you could make would be not to make enough research and never ask any questions about the company or the future perspectives in it. For example, questions like “What conferences can I attend?” or “What extra tasks can …